Our summer holiday is finally here!

After 2 years of staycations I think everyone is happy to move on to going abroad this year. Although this has been plagued by ques at the airport as well as lost luggage and suitcases all over Europe. Luckily for us we are just bringing some Kono cabin suitcase so we don’t actually have to check in the luggage which means that there is less risk of it being lost. If you are heading abroad then please leave a note in the comments below as we love hearing about cool holiday stories.

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Don’t tell the bride – she needs a pair of safety boots!

Don’t tell the bride has become a super successful show recently. For anyone that has not seen it a couple who are engaged €10,000 to go and plan the wedding. The only catch is that the groom to be is in charge! It makes for a pretty hilarious show and more often than not the groom ends up making a mess of things. Some of the weddings have been planned in places like the local football club or even worse in a field. There was one episode in my native Wicklow which the groom organised the wedding in a field in the middle of January!

This sort of thing obviously did not go down well and the Bridge had to wear a pair of wellington boots to her wedding! This is not as bad however as another wedding that was organised in the grooms work place. They had to wear a pair of safety shoes as the groom worked for a company called workbootsireland.iesafety boots specialist. I think he was trying to promote the business he works for selling safety boots so fair play to him. The idea of the show is of course to have a whacky wedding but some people just take it too far! Other episodes have the hen party going to the local pottery making class whilst the stag party is on in Ibiza! Good times indeed.

In fairness some of the shoe is pretty funny and I am sure there is no permanent damage done to the relationship. It is a Channel 4 show and you can watch on Channel 4 online. Anyway give it a watch as it is a bit of a laugh. In other news it is good to be getting back to doing normal weddings again! I personally have a stag coming up in May which gives me the jitters!

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Gaming chairs for your wedding?

With lockdown coming to an end weddings are starting to pick back up from being postponed, cancelled or called off altogether! The days of huge, super expensive weddings could be coming to a close and is that really a bad thing? Some people think not! Many wedding did go ahead in private with the 6 guest limit and to be honest that might have suited a lot of people. For sure it would have save people a lot of money!

Other people still choose to splash out on weddings with the best bands, DJ and service a hotel can offer. With so many weddings postponed slots at hotels for their most expensive weekend nights are harder to get than ever! We even came across a wedding recently in Kilkenny where the married couple to be rented gaming chairs for their guests. The groom is an avid gamer and he thought that this would be fun! I am sure it was but cheap I am not sure if that would be the case. Websites like gamingchairsireland.ie are even offering rates for weddings until the end of the autumn.

18 Types of Wedding Chair Rentals to Add to Your Decor List - WeddingWire

Weddings are still capped at 100 guests currently so that is a great get out of jail free card for couples who are looking to have a less expensive wedding. Others will have to put odd the wedding for another year until they can get a booking that suits them. So many businesses including wedding cars took a massive hit over the last 18 months so they will be keen to get back working again as soon as possible. Prices of venues have being going up, again this is due to the demand as there are now more weddings trying to get into new dates. Eseentially 18 months of weddings are now trying to be fitted into the next 12 months. Crazy times indeed!

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Castle Leslie Wedding Review – Best Wedding Location in Ireland?

The castle Leslie estate in county Monaghan, Ireland is one of the most famous wedding venues in the country.Dating back to the 1700s the castle is said to be haunted which gives an extra excitement to the wedding ceremony for both the guests and bridge and groom alike. Although it is quite expensive it is no more expensive than similar castles in Ireland some of which amount to over €100,000 in deposits just to host the wedding itself!

The main thing Castle Leslie has for it other than the stunning castle itself and surrounding scenery is the fact that the village just outside the castle is quite quiet so it can be taken over by guests for the wedding. In essence you essentially have a small village and castle to you and your guests giving you the privacy that many wedding couples are looking for.

Famously Paul Mcartney of the Beetles got married at castle Lesie and of course this really boosted its profile. There has many numerous other famous wedding at castle Leslie, too numerous to name in fact.

There are also many things to do in the surrounding country side such as playing golf as Ross More Golf Club or even horse back riding. For those of you who are more adventurous you can even rent out a escooterireland electric scooter in Dublin and it is a great way to see the town without having to huff and puff on a bike. Many people are opting to use these adult electric scooters in the town to commute to work so this is something worth checking out for sure!

As Castle Lesilie itself is over 1,000 acres you can also use these electric scooters to get around the grounds and out into the village. With 50 rooms available you can be sure you can host a reasonably big wedding here as the hotel itself can take over 200 guests with the remaining guests able to stay in air b and bs outside the town. So if you are looking for somewhere to host your wedding that is beautiful and private then check this place out.

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Using electric scooters for your wedding!

Electric scooters should be legally used on the roads of the UK. The movement of electric bikes is lawfully authorized in the UK by Road Authority Commissioner by putting specific rules and regulations. There should be safety rules regarding the use of electronic scooters publicly. These kinds of vehicles are fuel effective and environmentally friendly. Therefore, Irish people should use them with utmost safety and protection to avoid road accidents.

Enlistment of electric scooters for adults technology:

In today’s world, every country has modern gadgets. Thus, the electric scooter will be used as the mode of transportation in the UK. Irish people should know the meaning of electric bike. In details, an electric bike is a two-wheeled automobile which runs with the help of electric battery. It doesn’t require any fuel like petrol and diesel. The law of Iceland should make the use of e-scooters legal. Therefore, it will help the nation to develop economically.

Views on the electric scooters by the UK government  

The laws regarding the motorized vehicle in the UK are out-dated, but they are still running without any implementations. As the name suggests, electric bikes work on electric battery without using any fuels again, it is not permissible. Like driving a car in the UK, every citizen should wear a helmet while using vehicles. The most important thing is that everyone should have a driving license and insurance for using the road when using an adult electric scooter according to www.adultelectricscooters.co.uk.

Changes need to take place in the UK

The government of the UK is now planning to change the rule regarding electric scooters. It will help the country to develop a vast quantity of fuel will be saved, and transportation cost will be reduced. The upcoming year will have good news for the UK regarding the use of electric scooters.

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Lucky Couple in Swords Win €25,000 For Wedding

A lucky couple from Swords, surrounded by their family and friends, won their dream wedding worth €10,000 at Roganstown Hotel’s Summer Wedding Extravaganza earlier this month. Marie Hagan and Niall Nevin, along with two of their three children, parents and friends, were ecstatic when, during the final of a Mr and Mrs Competition, they secured the main prize. You can read more here.

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Funny Newly Married Couple Use Hoverboard For First Dance

Every now and again you see something different at a wedding and it is always good to stand out but this was quite hilarious! A newldy married couple posted a video of themselves doing their first dance on a hoverboard! Usually most weddings have a surprise these days but no one expected this and a lot can go wrong with a hoverboard on a dance floor and a wedding dress but there was no fear on this day.

This couple definitely did not want to go down the same route as every other wedding and now their video has gone viral. They entered the room with thumping Indian house music and what an entrance it was. Apparently the groom works selling hoverboards from a company like www.it-directory.ie so this is where the idea came from. Check out the video below:

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Why you should have your wedding at Castle Leslie

Castle Leslie is one of the most famous estates in Ireland and a popular hot spot for weddings both for Irish people and even from people all over the world. It is on a great estate of over 1,000 acres in the beautiful Monaghan country side surrounded by much greenery and some lovely lakes.

It is steeped in history and Irish charm and it is also only 2 hours from Dublin city to not too much of a journey for your guest who may be flying in from abroad.

Castle Leslie is a stunningly beautiful and secluded estate in Co. Monaghan ideal for your wedding celebration in Ireland. Still in the hands of its founding family it is steeped in history and full of character and charm.

A truly private rural escape, it is a magical setting for your very special day. Located in the village of Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, the Estate is only 80 minutes from Dublin, 60 minutes from Belfast and a million miles from anywhere…

It is proving a very popular venue for weddings in Ireland but get booking soon as there is an ever growing waiting list!

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