Castle Leslie Wedding Review – Best Wedding Location in Ireland?

The castle Leslie estate in county Monaghan, Ireland is one of the most famous wedding venues in the country.Dating back to the 1700s the castle is said to be haunted which gives an extra excitement to the wedding ceremony for both the guests and bridge and groom alike. Although it is quite expensive it is no more expensive than similar castles in Ireland some of which amount to over €100,000 in deposits just to host the wedding itself!

The main thing Castle Leslie has for it other than the stunning castle itself and surrounding scenery is the fact that the village just outside the castle is quite quiet so it can be taken over by guests for the wedding. In essence you essentially have a small village and castle to you and your guests giving you the privacy that many wedding couples are looking for.

Famously Paul Mcartney of the Beetles got married at castle Lesie and of course this really boosted its profile. There has many numerous other famous wedding at castle Leslie, too numerous to name in fact.

There are also many things to do in the surrounding country side such as playing golf as Ross More Golf Club or even horse back riding. For those of you who are more adventurous you can even rent out a escooterireland electric scooter in Dublin and it is a great way to see the town without having to huff and puff on a bike. Many people are opting to use these adult electric scooters in the town to commute to work so this is something worth checking out for sure!

As Castle Lesilie itself is over 1,000 acres you can also use these electric scooters to get around the grounds and out into the village. With 50 rooms available you can be sure you can host a reasonably big wedding here as the hotel itself can take over 200 guests with the remaining guests able to stay in air b and bs outside the town. So if you are looking for somewhere to host your wedding that is beautiful and private then check this place out.

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