Don’t tell the bride – she needs a pair of safety boots!

Don’t tell the bride has become a super successful show recently. For anyone that has not seen it a couple who are engaged €10,000 to go and plan the wedding. The only catch is that the groom to be is in charge! It makes for a pretty hilarious show and more often than not the groom ends up making a mess of things. Some of the weddings have been planned in places like the local football club or even worse in a field. There was one episode in my native Wicklow which the groom organised the wedding in a field in the middle of January!

This sort of thing obviously did not go down well and the Bridge had to wear a pair of wellington boots to her wedding! This is not as bad however as another wedding that was organised in the grooms work place. They had to wear a pair of safety shoes as the groom worked for a company called workbootsireland.iesafety boots specialist. I think he was trying to promote the business he works for selling safety boots so fair play to him. The idea of the show is of course to have a whacky wedding but some people just take it too far! Other episodes have the hen party going to the local pottery making class whilst the stag party is on in Ibiza! Good times indeed.

In fairness some of the shoe is pretty funny and I am sure there is no permanent damage done to the relationship. It is a Channel 4 show and you can watch on Channel 4 online. Anyway give it a watch as it is a bit of a laugh. In other news it is good to be getting back to doing normal weddings again! I personally have a stag coming up in May which gives me the jitters!

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