Gaming chairs for your wedding?

With lockdown coming to an end weddings are starting to pick back up from being postponed, cancelled or called off altogether! The days of huge, super expensive weddings could be coming to a close and is that really a bad thing? Some people think not! Many wedding did go ahead in private with the 6 guest limit and to be honest that might have suited a lot of people. For sure it would have save people a lot of money!

Other people still choose to splash out on weddings with the best bands, DJ and service a hotel can offer. With so many weddings postponed slots at hotels for their most expensive weekend nights are harder to get than ever! We even came across a wedding recently in Kilkenny where the married couple to be rented gaming chairs for their guests. The groom is an avid gamer and he thought that this would be fun! I am sure it was but cheap I am not sure if that would be the case. Websites like are even offering rates for weddings until the end of the autumn.

18 Types of Wedding Chair Rentals to Add to Your Decor List - WeddingWire

Weddings are still capped at 100 guests currently so that is a great get out of jail free card for couples who are looking to have a less expensive wedding. Others will have to put odd the wedding for another year until they can get a booking that suits them. So many businesses including wedding cars took a massive hit over the last 18 months so they will be keen to get back working again as soon as possible. Prices of venues have being going up, again this is due to the demand as there are now more weddings trying to get into new dates. Eseentially 18 months of weddings are now trying to be fitted into the next 12 months. Crazy times indeed!

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