Stay Fir For Your Wedding With a Home Workout!

Well the first half of 2020 has officially been a disaster! Not just for weddings but for every other social gathering such as parties, festivals and other mass gatherings. Any gathering of over 5,000 people has been cancelled until August at the earliest and hotels and travel companies remain closed. This will lead to many closures in the hotel sector as they rely hugely on revenue for weddings to make a profit.

Most weddings will have to be rebooked and whether you can get your deposit back if you wanted is dependent upon that particular hotel. Gyms also remain closed so staying in shape for your wedding could prove to be more difficult than before. Most people are having to resort to home workouts using nothing but body weight exercises.

Most home gym equipment suppliers are sold out until June as there was a big rush with people looking to get home gym equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands and squat racks. With gyms now to be opened on the 10th of August at least there is an end goal in sight. Websites like Mestech who review gym equipment have been reporting huge increases in traffic. If you are looking to get ready for your wedding then there are plenty of home workouts available online.

It can be difficult to stay motivated when doing a home workout, after all the couch is in plain sight! Even if you can do 20 minutes in the morning it will keep your muscles active and by the time you return to the gym it won’t be as big a shock to your body. So stay in shape for your wedding and do 20 minutes a few times a week and you will be surprised at how tough some of these home workouts can be!

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