Use a Xiaomi M365 electric scooter for your wedding day!

As you might have noticed electric scooters are the latest craze world wide and now they are even making a showing at some weddings! So we know what you’re tacky could this be but it is actually a great idea, unique and a lot of fun! What a fun way to enter to the after party than on an electric scooter and it is certainly an entrance that people will talk about and that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

We recently had a look online to see if you can pick up an electric scooter for a reasonable price after all everyone is trying to save money not spend extra on their wedding day. We found the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter to be the best value and it has the best reviews online .

The Xiaomi M365 is avaible in white so it would be perfect for use on your wedding day for the bridge or groom. Imagine whizzing into the hotel on one of the electric scooters with some balloons attached it would be hilarious!

Some other cool entrances can include dancing into your favourite song or we have even come across couples who piggy back ride into their wedding. Check out other great wedding entrance ideas here. Roller blades is another funny one we came across when doing some research. You would be surprised at how many strange entrances there are haha! Let us know if you have anything strange and funny that you have seen or something that can top using the Xiaomi M365 scooter as an entrance. We are all ears!

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